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Broberg Organics Worm Castings

What are worm castings and how do they work?

Broberg Organics Worm Castings are...

Naturally Organic and Odor Free

No perfumes or scents added or chemically removed. The organic matter consumed by the worm is changed both physically and chemically by the worms digestive tract and is actually homogenized.


Will Not Burn

At any concentration, even the MOST DELICATE SEED OR BEDDING PLANT IS SAFE.  This means no fear or problems caused by over-use or misuse.



Improved Soil Structure And Aeration

Castings consist of thousands of durable cylindrically shaped pellets that RESIST PACKING AND KEEP SOIL LOOSE.  This allows oxygen to permeate and reamin in the root zone where it is vitally needed.  The drainage is improved by this non-packed environment.


Significant Microbial And Bacterial Activity

These free living nitrogen fixing bacteria promote healthy "living" soil that provides an OPTIMUM GROWTH ENVIRONMENT.



Image by Gabriel Jimenez
Image by Tim Mossholder

Plant Growth Hormones

Castings conatin "Auxins and Cytokinins", which are growth hormones for bigger and more fibrous plant roots.  ROOTS CAN EASILY GROW FAST, FULL AND FIBROUS.


High Availability of Nutrients

The TRACE ELEMENTS combined with its structure and high MICROBIAL ACTIVITY allow it to out perform what is expected of a low analysis (NPK) fertilizer.




All of these elements working together allow our worm castings to




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