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Frequently Asked Questions



What are worm castings?


Worm castings are basically worm excrement.  The material the worms eat is digested and is very rich in microbial life.  These microbes contain nutrients that are readily available to plant roots.

Why are castings good for plants and grass?


Castings contain thousands of microorganims such as Bacteria, Fungi, Protozoa, and Nematodes.  These microorganisms are essential for plant growth and are more available to the plant then synthetic fertilizers because there is no break down necessary before the plant can begin to use them.  Castings also retain moisture better than compost or dirt and help reduce soil compaction.

Will castings burn my plant?

NO!  Castings are one hundred percent natural.  They will not burn your plant no matter how much you apply or how often you apply it.  They are also great on new tender plants since they won't burn the roots.

Are castings safe around children and pets?


YES!  Castings are completely safe, all natural and not toxic in any way.  NO WORRIES!

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